A mysterious transport system spotted on Mars

Judging by the found and available images, mysterious anomalies have been noticed on Mars near the “Hale” crater, from where NASA plans to send its new vehicle soon, which should go in search of water or eventual life.

The evidence offered by the “virtual archaeologist” Joseph Skipper says that there are some mysterious objects on Mars that look like some kind of “transport system” on the very surface of this planet ?!

For now, no one knows what it is about. For now, there is no official information from NASA, the only thing that appears are pictures of the alleged “transport system” as well as a detailed report by space archaeologist Joseph Skipper.

A mysterious transport system on Mars ?! Either way these images captured via Google Mars look weird, interesting and a bit mysterious. Is this again just one in a series of fake images, satellite optical illusions, computer errors, dust or really real proof of some civilization on the planet Mars we toast to you for insight and thinking…

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